Polarity's Silent Hill: Downpour Review

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DarshD Jun 14, 12
Totally agree with this. Unlike Resident Evil series, this game has actually taken lot's of elements from first two games and blended them with the modern technology and graphics. Music is as awesome and Murphy is a great hero with all of his past being told in forms of monsters and events. Very nice review, Polarity
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Polarity Jun 19, 12
Thanks bro! This and Resident Evil: Revelations are more what I'd expect from this genre. Not that I have any issues with Dead Space's style because I love it, but I wouldn't mind more survival horrors too. I'm not sure if it's considered a horror game, but I really can't wait for The Last Of Us because it's got that survival thing going for it.
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DarshD Jun 21, 12
Yeah, it is very unfortunate that this genre is being ignored by both gamers and developers but I'm glad that good gamers like you and Vatra studios have respect and love for the classic genre. Dead Space is more like RE4 with buckets of blood, sci-fi and fun gameplay but it's is not a complete horror. Playing on the hardest difficulty does make you feel that it's a horror game but not sure if it's related to panic or horror. The Last of Us looks promising and what's better is that an action developer like ND has tried their hand at survival thriller genre, I hope that more developers start doing this! Your review is really an honest and true one, a review that remarkable games like Downpour deserve.Keep it up man!