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Silent Hill: Downpour is the eighth installment in the Silent Hill horror gaming series. Players take control of inmate Murphy Pendleton as he is transferred to Wayside Maximum Security Prison after an incident that has extended his sentence. While on the way to the new prison location, the prison bus that he is riding in crashes along the roadside. Once Murphy awakens to a deserted and crashed bus, he goes into the nearby forest to hopefully reach freedom. Murphy eventually reaches the town of Silent Hill where his personal demons are waiting to torment him as his personal story is unveiled.

Downpour has the same familiar third-person survival horror gameplay, along with puzzle-solving and exploration, that Silent Hill fans have come to expect. Murphy can arm himself with melee weapons that will help him during combat but these weapons eventually weaken and break from fighting enemies so Murphy must constantly search for new weapons. Downpour is the first Silent Hill game to include optional side quests that give players bonus items and also carry their own story that is separate from the main story of Downpour. Murphy is presented with a few moral choices during the main story that help to change the outcome in one of the game's multiple endings.

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Developer: Vatra
Publisher: Konami

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