For centuries Ancaria was a land of peace, but the sacred bond between its people and the Seraphim - guardians of the legendary "Heart of Ancaria" - had been forgotten. And so Lord Zane - ruler of the Ashen Empire - allied himself with Demons, striving to open the gates to the underworld. Bound together by the chains of this evil empire, a resistance of Heroes was forged.

But who among them will be the one to triumph?

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Aug 10, 14 1:07pm
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Aug 01, 14 9:58am
Seems like the game is a watered down pile of poop. Developers set embargo date for press then release the game early. Shame really. Sacred3 PC

A bit of good news and a bit of bad news for those looking forward to Sacred 3 today. The good... posted May 27, 14 12:35pm

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May 27, 14 9:53am
Trailer plug Aug 5th release date Sacred3 PC

While it's unfortunate that it isn't Ascaron continuing to take the Sacred brand in to the... posted Mar 19, 14 9:25pm

Aug 18, 13 9:20pm
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