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Product Wiki Description: Earth has undergone a drastic change in the environment. For reasons unknown, poisonous layers of gases permeated the land, which results in near extinction for mankind due to not able to adapt to the new changes. The remaining humans built a gigantic device called Burzel, an environment purifier buried deep into the ground, which cleanses the air in the surrounding land and hopefully the rest of Earth as well. Civilization began to reform around Burzel itself, building a city around the... submit new
Release Date (North America):Mar 16, 2010 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Mar 26, 2010 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jan 28, 2010 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Mar 25, 2010 submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:None submit new
Publisher:Sega submit new
Developer:tri-Ace submit new
Online Co-op: submit new
Offline Co-op: submit new
Online Multiplayer: submit new
Offline Multiplayer: submit new
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JP Site
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Alternate Titles:End of Eternity (Japan)
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