Earth has undergone a drastic change in the environment. For reasons unknown, poisonous layers of gases permeated the land, which results in near extinction for mankind due to not able to adapt to the new changes. The remaining humans built a gigantic device called Burzel, an environment purifier buried deep into the ground, which cleanses the air in the surrounding land and hopefully the rest of Earth as well. Civilization began to reform around Burzel itself, building a city around the tower. The upper classes live in luxurious apartments at the top of Burzel while the lower classes reside among the many districts built around the base and stem of the tower. For countless years, all is well, until one day the purifier inside Burzel begins to malfunction.

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Dark Arcanine blogged
Nov 03, 10 8:03am

The unlucky number thirteen sees our latest round off, and just after Halloween (plays X-Files tune in the background). Though the latest round of Articles of Excellence has been anything but unlucky for Dark Moor, who's achieved yet another win with their review of Resonance of Fate. If you don't mind graphics that won't get Avatar fans wetting their pants for a second time, Dark Moor praises the RPG for great gameplay and for stepping away from the typical structure you've come to expect from the genre.

 Resonance of Fate     Score: 4.5/5
 Genre: Fantasy RPG

 If you're getting sick of RPGs that follow the same formula set by Final Fantasy and don't mind average quality graphics, give this a spin. You won't be disappointed.

quote Dark Moor
Resonance Of Fate is a JRPG that actually manages to break the mould by presenting itself... a bit differently from its competition. You got your normal towns and townsfolk, and random encounters, but that's about all that stays traditional. The battle system, world map and characterization will surprise you with the execution and presentation, and believe me when I say... it's nothing to be afraid of.

I can't quite say that the story was that good. It starts off interesting, but then it evolves into a mess. Basically, the world is polluted and as a result, everybody flees to the Tower of Basel, which has some sort of purification shield. Unfortunately, it malfunctions and most of the tower is left polluted by poison. Let's skip to our heroes, Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne - they're hunters who take down monsters for cash, and... I don't know, there's some philosophical stuff about existence and... you know what, I stopped paying attention in the second half, because it just hits you with a whole lot of stuff through some long winded speeches, but when it's delivered, it all feels like a barrage of scrunched up paper; not enough depth to actually mean anything significant. Rather, it's just confusing and awkward.

It's quite disappointing, because the first half was excellent. There wasn't much of a story to screw up; it was just three workmates who acted like best friends, and a fair amount of hilarity ensues throughout.
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Oct 10, 10 8:03am

When you create a good game and want everyone to bask in its glory, please release it...

Monterey Jack
May 23, 10 10:02am

Fate brings up closer.
Resonance Of Fate is one of those games that slips under the...

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  • Genre: Fantasy RPG (PS3)
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: tri-Ace
  • Publisher: Sega
  • Released
    North AmericaMar 16, 2010
    EuropeMar 26, 2010
    JapanJan 28, 2010
    AustraliaMar 25, 2010
  • Also known as:
  • End of Eternity in Japan
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