The Resistance story continues to unfurl with protagonist Sergeant Nathan Hale. Having destroyed the London command centre of the invading alien Chimera, Hale returns to the United States where he becomes part of a special programme known as the Sentinels – a secret weapon against the Chimera assault that the US government knows is imminent.
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Sony has confirmed they have no plans to continue Insomniac Games' Resistance franchise. SCEE's Online... posted Jun 26, 12 1:24am

Amazon is on a roll! Less than a week after posting a listing for God of War: Ascension, a day before it was... posted Apr 25, 12 8:34am

All right, European PS3 owners, July is your month.  Come July 22, Sony will be releasing no less than three... posted Jun 23, 11 4:51pm

A step up from the first resistance, but it just isn't the same when you've played better games. Resistance2 PS3
Seems good at first but on the inside it's an absolutely shit game. Would even spend a fucking cent on this piece of crap. Resistance2 PS3
This I swear, has been the longest 100 kills of my entire R2 Online mode... took me two hours compared to my usual hour... ah well... Resistance2 PS3
Well, I've decided to finish off early today, and it's early considering the previous timings of my posts... anyway I've now got 9600 kills Resistance2 PS3
9007 kills done, just 993 more to go. Was hoping for Tuesday, but may end up being Wednesday now that I get the trophy. Don't want to rush. Resistance2 PS3
Another day, another 800 kills, well 865 to be exact. Am now sitting at 8520, will see if I can get it by tuesday (doing 740 both days) Resistance2 PS3
Wohoo, on a roll at the moment, had another 41 kill Skirmish... making getting to 10,000 kills easier I guess... Resistance2 PS3
Bah, I hate it when you kill 3 enemies, but it only counts 1 Just had that happen to me :'( Resistance2 PS3
I've officially got a new record for Kills in a Skirmish - 49 kills in one match, truely amazing Ranked of course Resistance2 PS3
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