Resident Evil 6 Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.2/10

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Resident Evil 6 Reviews

website score publish date
Gaming Evolution 8/10 Nov 16 '12
gamrReview 7.7/10 Oct 29 '12
Games Radar /10 Oct 01 '12
GameSpot 4.5/10 Oct 01 '12
gamrReview 7.7/10 Oct 29 '12
Strategy Informer 8.0/10 Dec 31 '69
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Resident Evil 6 Previews

website publish date
1UP Jul 14 '12
GameSpot Apr 10 '12
Worthplaying Jun 12 '12
Worthplaying Aug 28 '12
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Editorial Articles
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GameSpot Jun 06 '12  
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1UP on Jul 24 '12

"The limited resources and options available to players in this portion feel like the definition of survival horror, but without obtrusively backward design getting in the way. That's not to say I..."

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Games Radar on Oct 05 '12

"Resident Evil 6 is the most ambitious game in the franchise yet, and it's likely going to be the most polarizing. Will you love it or hate it? Find out in our review..."

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GameSpot on May 18 '12

"It's telling that our demo didn't include the game's "main" enemy, a quick-mutating creature called the J'avo. Leon's mooch around an ominous old building could play the same part in Resident Evil..."

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GameSpot on Oct 04 '12

"Resident Evil 6's messy mix of annoying quick-time events and constant set pieces makes it a poor caricature of modern-day action games. "

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gamrReview on Oct 29 '12

"Resident Evil 6 is an exercise in juxtaposition, simultaneously celebrating the series’ history and abandoning everything that defined it in the first place. Yet, while fans may bemoan the..."

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