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Product Wiki Description:
Long before Summerill and the gods of darkness were defeated in Record of Agarest War, another battle was fought across generations to save the world from evil. Record of Agarest War Zero takes you back to that ancient time…

The war between the forces of darkness and the forces of light, a conflict already many years old, has been fought to a stalemate. In the nation of Kraltarla, the forces of light hold back the evil hordes of darkness spilling from Findeste at the Scarred Mountains, but...
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Release Date (North America):Jun 14, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Europe):none submitted submit new
Release Date (Japan):Jun 25, 2009 submit new
Release Date (Australia):none submitted submit new
Perspective:Isometric submit new
Themes: Anime
Dark Fantasy
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Publisher:Aksys Games submit new
Developer:Idea Factory submit new
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Alternate Titles:Agarest Senki Zero (Japan)
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