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Ratchet and Clank are enjoying a stay in the bustling utopia known as Metropolis, when a distress signal from Captain Qwark informs them of an attacking armada. The connection is cut off, and the duo are now caught in the middle of an full-scale invasion led by the ruthless Emperor Percival Tachyon, a being known as a "Cragmite". Ratchet & Clank eventually escape the planet, and soon realize that Ratchet was their intended target. They stumble upon the Polaris Galaxy, and find Talwyn, who tells Ratchet about the "Lombax Secret". The duo once again set out into the galaxy, their mission this time to learn about their origins and past, and to discover why they are so special.

Clank also has his own side story where he discovers he has a soul. He can also speak to robots that only he can see, known as the "Zony", some of which unlock powers Clank never knew he had.


The duo is back for their latest adventure. Run and jump around many different worlds, from beginning to end. Take out enemies and bosses with your many weapons, use gadgets to acomplish various tasks, grind on rails, swing from Swingshot targets, fight in space battles, upgrade your armor, dress as a space pirate and dance their jig, and so much more. Clank returns as a playable character once again, teaming up with special creatures only he can see, who guide him along his adventures and give him new powers. Unlock the mysteries of the story - learn of your past, so you can save the future.


  • Insomniac Games has overhauled its proprietary PS3 engine technology to create the most visceral Ratchet & Clank universe yet, overflowing with exotic creatures and flying vehicles.
  • Experience many more objects on screen and in more intricate detail than what was possible on PlayStation®2 Ratchet & Clank games.
  • The PS3 system’s superior power enables Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction to bring vivid worlds to life with increased draw distances, enhanced lighting and shadowing, and more fluid and exaggerated animations.
  • Discover an all-new galaxy spanning vast worlds such as a majestic cloud city and a space-age amusement park.
  • Encounter an entirely new cast of expressive characters (and some old favorites) as well as the introduction of a variety of new alien races and life forms.
  • Experience a more emotive Ratchet with nearly as many animation joints in his face (90) as PS2 Ratchet had in his entire body (112). This joint density applies to many of the characters featured in Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, enabling more detailed, personable and expressive characters.
  • Clank returns as a playable character, and Ratchet will have new enhanced abilities.
  • Fire a fully stocked arsenal of all-new weapons such as the Plasma Beasts and Tornado Launcher, which uses the SIXAXIS™ controller to direct tornadoes that suck up enemies and whip them around with debris.
  • Use the SIXAXIS controller to maneuver, destroy enemies and solve puzzles.

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Umm, that's really rude, Zoni. Like, can you not take Clank away? Thanks. Game finished though! RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
If these Kerchus weren't so cute, I'd be saying some incredibly foul things right now. RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
"Why must we always choose between certain death and probable death?" - Clank RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
The IRIS Supercomputer is used for music, games, and...wait for it...porn. That's right. Nice work, Space Pirates. Very errr...productive. RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
Kreeli Comet. I'm awful at this game haha. It's a blast though. RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
Off to Ardolis! This is a great game so far - excited to see how it all plays out. :) RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3
Just stepped on to Planet Mukow! What an elegant name. RatchetandClankFutureToolsOfDestruction PS3

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Without spoiling too much, the main aim of this game is to stop Emperor Percival...

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