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Insanity Prevails Jun 10, 12
Great to see you go into detail in a variety of different areas. Especially the documentation on the co-op and giving a few examples of the puzzle actions required.

I'd personally opt for a bit more detail on how the portal gun works. You've done some already in describing the blue and orange portals but I think clarifying that you go through one to exit the other (even if that sounds like it should be obvious), how you can only apply the portals to certain surfaces and how you make use of things like momentum in relation to them to perform amazing feats would give a greater insight into what people are letting themselves in for.

And yes, it's a fantastic game.
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RC Cola King Jun 12, 12
Your review was great and you went very in depth with how the game works, but I don't think you gave the story enough credit. It's hard to see some of the more subtle areas of it, but if you look into it enough, it really is fairly deep. Through Cave Johnson's pre-recorded messages you can learn all about his, and Aperature's down fall, and the origin of GlaDOS herself.

Also, it's not a different person from the first game, it's the same one. The character's name is Chell, and at the end of the first game, she killed GlaDOS, and was put into a some sort of preservation sleep, and was kept alive until Wheatley found her many years later. Just thought I'd mention.
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Minds Jun 13, 12
Ah ok thanks for the correction, was left under the influence that it wasn't the same character from the conversations Wheatley was having, also I agree with you in some ways with the whole finding out what happened to GLADOS later on but to me those were during the more complex puzzles so I was really only concerned with getting to the next area.

Thanks for your input.

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