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Portal 2 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Gaming Evolution 9/10 Jun 20 '11
Computer and Video Games 9.3/10 Apr 19 '11
Game Focus 9.7/10 Apr 25 '11
Games Radar 10/10 Apr 21 '11
GameSpot 9.0/10 Apr 19 '11
Gamespy 5/5 Apr 21 '11
Gaming Excellence 9.5/10 May 04 '11
Strategy Informer 10.0/10 Apr 19 '11
Worthplaying 9.0/10 Apr 20 '11
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Portal 2 Previews

website publish date article rating
Games Radar Mar 13 '11
Games Radar Jan 24 '11
GameSpot Feb 28 '11
GameSpot Jan 24 '11
IGN PS3 Jan 14 '11
IGN PS3 Feb 02 '11
IGN PS3 Mar 02 '11
Kombo PS3 Jun 16 '10
Strategy Informer Jan 24 '11
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Quoted from Portal 2 Reviews:
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"The hole shebang"
" The original Portal was a pretty solitary experience. Pitting a mute woman/glorified lab rat named Chell against an increasingly unhinged supercomputer called GLaDOS, it remains a deliberately lonely, but brilliantly offbeat puzzler. Suffice to say, with its comedy metal men shaking their bionic booty at each other almost every time you overcome an obstacle, Portal 2’s co-op is anything but solitary. As we discovered in our recent hands-on at an EA event, it’s also every bit as ingenious as Valve’s original brain-scratching masterpiece. Although sadly, there wasn’t a slice of cake in sight. ..."
" Valve has again brought never-before-seen (correction: once-before-seen) footage of Portal 2 to PAX, but this year, it's not focusing on the co-op mode, which it has heavily promoted on account of it being "brand new." To our delight, Valve instead showed us roughly five or six minutes of the game's opening, and introduced a new character - Aperture Science founder and president Cave Johnson, who is voiced by actor J.K. Simmons... ..."
" Portal 2 isn't everything I wanted it to be, but how could it have been? In 2007, Portal jumped out from behind the release of Half-Life 2: Episode 2, catching us unawares and stupefying our faces off, and we've spent the past four years canonizing it with jokes about Companion Cubes, cake lies, and huge successes. Without the element of surprise, and with an impossible tower of expectations looming over it, the best developer Valve could have hoped to do is make Portal 2 the next best thing. It succeeded... ..."
"We take on lethal team-building tests in Portal 2's co-op campaign. "
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