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After a UFO suddenly crash-lands on your house monkeys begin to appear wasting no time in making mischief. Thrust into the middle of this craziness, players cross between the past and present in pursuit of Specter, the leader of this monkey invasion. Using a wide variety of gadgets they must capture them all in their quest to stop this invasion.

Game Play


  • Monkeys on the Move: An original new adventure full of monkeys and mayhem designed exclusively for the PlayStation®Move.
  • Explore your neighborhood: Dive into 15 diverse levels from your neighbors backyard to an amusement park.
  • Co-op Mayhem: Challenge your friends with wacky mini-games including Mecha Tag Rally, Aim, Slingsnipe! and Sprayzer Defense Force!
  • Gotta get 'em all: Capture over 500 Monkeys and keep track of them all with your very own "MonkeyPedia".
  • Become part of the game: Record your own voice via the Eye Toy camera and get into the game.

Hardware Info

  • Specifically designed for the PlayStation®Move.

Official URL

Official site.
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  • Genre: Action/Adventure (PS3)
  • Theme(s): Children's
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: SCEJ
  • Publisher: SCEA
  • Released
    North AmericaJul 5, 2011
    EuropeJun 24, 2011
    JapanDec 9, 2010
    AustraliaJun 23, 2011
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