PlayStation 3 Hardware Own / Want List

Username Comments
Blue Man None
Shadow92 None
soniceagle123 None
Supernouva None
HomieLB None
Kakashi Sensai I NEED THIS BUT IM POOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
neb120 I would really like to get the PS3 but don't have the money!
Palatine Looking forward to the release in England
ImortalHuman None
Ratchet12345 None
Atomic None
headshot91491 None
justinobar1 None
austin94 None
spartain m26 None
Zeta None
DXD None
Pokemonfan19 I have a PS2 hoping for a PS3
trasheater None
zerr9414 None
Gameface83 None
Supermarioluigi11 None
decxter None
Fintchz None
Psychedelicacy None
EmeraldDrake None