PlayStation 3 Hardware Own / Want List

Username Comments
Krunal None
TrAvIs 05 None
Mystic None
Gotenks None
Unknown Warrior None
vicecityrulz kamikazezac is my playstation account. I don't have a wireless router yet so I'm not on much but if you see me say hi.
stevenbaylis2003 I do not want this, I was very disappointed
Zhang Liao None
bbiel182 PS3 > 360
BigBhaarlokzMon since 31/3/07 OR new one since 14/2/09
Slayerholic17 None
xtremepokemontrainer None
Jeterocks None
jespomo None
Roussanth None
Mnmfan Excellent
pstanton None
Zeldafan4 None
Ameer Ultimate Console.
Rayquaza 2982 None
Mr 182 PS3 > 360
jbh The Preciousssss
Jaw Knee None
Jimbo999 None
Xonora None
xxcassyxx None
The Supreme Extreme PS3 > Wii
faraz0990 i have 60gb and i put a new harddrive now its 180gb
Big_Burta None
S v R 2010 None
Machienzo Finally bought one. It is my pride and joy.
weskraudaon None
Scott 1 None
Pr3tzals None
TheHeart of Darkness None
Cloud Strife37 Got it on launch date and it's Awwwwsome.
Bale Fire None
Estuve None
man_utd_fc None
agent41 None
Joshua Mackley None
ISMAIL4567 None
Avalith None
gerard way owns you I love my PS3...can not wait for many games I want...
cgauld7 None
jv9ufxcy None
SuperKrauser None
sterrier666 None
Cloud Me None
Lawlkno I like it! Its a fun game system!