In this psychedelic platform game, the player will find themselves submersed amongst towering alien plant-life. Within this constantly evolving and vibrant environment, the player leaps and swings between the lush plants, smashing into bizarre enemies and navigating around the undergrowth to gather treasures and pollen to grow more plants.


  • Distinctive Visuals and Music - Features 10 unique stages with stylishly designed graphics and original music from award-winning Japanese artist Baiyon.
  • Dynamic Animations and Effects - Organic growth animations for each plant, plus environmental and particle effects bring the setting to life and keep it constantly evolving.
  • Rumble Support - Feel the thrilling effects of clinging, attacking and falling from plants.
  • Remote Play - Supports Remote Play for PSP® system.

Q-Games are well known for their unique titles, and PixelJunk 4am is no exception.  It’s definitely a stand out... posted Mar 13, 12 10:42am

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Another original-ish game (at the end of the day, it is a platformer), I find it is very soothing, but frustrating in its repetitiveness... PixelJunkEden PS3
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