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No More Heroes: Red Zone is MMV's second attempt at recreating No More Heroes in HD and is being developed exclusively for the PlayStation 3.

Game Play


  • Boss Battle Mode that's complete with leaderboard support. Face off against previously encountered bosses and upload your scores to the web.
  • 10 additional missions that were unable to be included in the original No More Heroes for Wii, including never-before-seen minigames such as human bowling.
  • Five boss characters from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle: Alice Twilight, Kimmy Howell, Matt Helms, Nathan Copeland and Skelter Helter.
  • PS Move compatible
  • DLC support -- first planned is Sylvia's 18 Forbidden Pack which includes support for Forbidden View Mode, four new beam katanas and four new paint jobs for Travis's bike.

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