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As Ryu Hayabusa you are out to seek revenge after your clan is massacred by the Vigor Empire. Realistic battle actions and acrobatic ninja moves are at your finger-tips. You play with only your wits, your ninja skills, and your deadly sword. Slice down opponents in the Vigor Empire as you attempt to beat the Holy Emperor and reclaim the magic sword "Ryuken".


Play as Ryu Hayabusa, a young Master Ninja who seeks vengeance against those who attacked his village and stole the Dark Dragon Blade. Featuring exclusive new features including dual wielding weapons, deadly new enemies, and the ability to play as Rachel the fiend hunter.
Face paced combat with a steep learning curve will have you hooked in no time. From sword battles with masked Ninjas to demonic struggles with lords of the underworld, Ninja Gaiden Sigma is the perfect game for ever action fan out there.


  • Ninja Gaiden like it's never been seen before...
  • Enhanced graphics and new action sequences take full advantage of the PLAYSTATION 3 system graphics engine.
  • New playable character... Play Ninja Gaiden from a whole new perspective by also taking control of Rachel the Fiend Hunter, now a playable character with a fighting style all her own.
  • New weapons + new combos + new bosses = non-stop fighting action... All new weapons including dual-wield katanas, challenging and intuitive enemy A.I. and unrelenting bosses.
  • Experience new fighting environments... Revamped water running controls allows players to engage in combat while on water.
  • Master Ninja...or Ninja Dog? Players can upload Karma scores to see how they fare against other gamers with the Ninja Gaiden leaderboard on the PLAYSTATION Network (PSN).

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Jul 14, 11 6:09pm
i could not beat this game because of its difficulty, anybody who wants a challenge, its gotta be this game NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Nov 10, 10 9:47am
I don't play it anymore NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Aug 19, 09 8:52pm
cool NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Jul 05, 09 3:49pm
8/10 lack of a good story to go along with the top-notch gameplay NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Hatchet Boy
Jun 08, 09 2:57pm
Fun PS# game NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Apr 18, 09 7:50am
Finally finished it on Master Ninja mode!!! NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Monterey Jack
Apr 03, 09 2:27pm
Remake = good NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Mar 24, 09 10:58pm
Ryu Hayabusa. NinjaGaidenSigma PS3

The latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu appears to have leaked the news early (GDC, we expect, will see an... posted Mar 17, 09 4:37pm

Oct 06, 08 5:34am
Alright... NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Sep 13, 08 8:27pm
Best Graphic Texture/Smoothness and Renderization yet.... NinjaGaidenSigma PS3
Nightmare Samurai
Jun 23, 08 5:34pm
added 6 cheats
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Sep 12, 07 4:29pm

No, you're not hallucinating. That is actual gameplay.

Graphics: 5/5 - Going out on a limb with...

Aug 27, 07 11:26am
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Aug 04, 07 4:52am

Ninja Gaiden is a game that amazed fans back when it was released for the original...

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