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Product Wiki Description: NBA Live 09 is the newest game in the long-running series which will feature new gameplay such as signature shots for players and a better collection of dunks!
  • Pick and Roll Control: This new two-man game mechanic lets you control both the ball handler and the screener, as you set screens and run two man plays, with on court instructions popping up to guide you through each play.
  • Signature Playcalling: Introducing an accessible in game playcalling system that pushes on-court visualization...
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Release Date (North America):Oct 9, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Europe):Oct 10, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Oct 23, 2008 submit new
Release Date (Australia):Oct 9, 2008 submit new
Perspective:Third Person submit new
Themes:Family submit new
Publisher:Electronic Arts submit new
Developer:Electronic Arts submit new
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