NASCAR '14 will add new features from NASCAR The Game 2013 as well as update both the driver and track roster to match that of the 2014 season. NASCAR '14 will allow you to fight to the top in an all new career mode and relive and rewrite some of 2014's most intense highlights. Create your own car with the Paint Booth and recreate some of NASCAR's most beautiful looking cars your create an original designs.

Game Play

Prove you have what it takes by taking either your favorite driver's or your own car to NASCAR's most infamous tracks survive the wrecks and passing of a very powerful A.I.


An all new and improved career mode will allow you to work your way from the bottom to the face of NASCAR as well as an online tournament mode to do the same thing online with your friends. Single Race will also return and will let you enjoy some on track action at your own way. Highlights from the 2014 season will make an appearance as well and will put you in the heat of the moment in the most intense moments from this season.

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