Experience brutal off-road racing as you jump into one of seven mudspraying vehicles - including motocross bikes, ATVs, mud-pluggers, rally cars, buggies, trucks and unstoppable big rigs. Compete in dozens of riotous no-holds barred races across eight unique race tracks, each cutting across the virgin wilderness of the Arizona desert.

In the violent world of MotorStorm, be prepared to plough through scenery, chum up a mud bath and run your opponents mercilessly into the ground if you want to survive!


Experience a truly gripping racing experience with Motorstorm as you jump, slide, speed and tumble your way through a variety of terrains ranging from muddy didtches to high rock shelves. Dizzying heights and depressing lows, being ganged upon by everything from motorbikes to big rigs. Motorstorm is the definitive PS3 arcade racing experience. Can you handle it?


  • 21 tickets, each ticket containing up to 4 races.
  • Race in/on anything from motorbikes to rally cars to big rigs. Each of the 8 different vehicle classes come with different vehicle variation and each different variation with a choice of 3 different paint jobs.
  • Real time track erosion leaves the track harder and harder to navigate with every lap driven.
  • Online mode pits you against racers just like yourself, up to 16 players in one race.
  • 8 tracks, each one with seemingly endless different routes give you a different experience with every lap.
  • For all the veterans who have completed the campaign and are looking for a fresh challenge, there's always Time Trial in the new 'Wreckreation' tab which is downloadable from the Playstation Store, completely free.

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allingo and 14 others played MotorStorm
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Oct 11, 11 5:14am
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Jul 15, 11 11:37pm
..... not good, MotorStorm PS3
May 02, 10 2:20pm
a decent game, but the fact that its only singleplayer ruins it. 4/10 MotorStorm PS3
Apr 17, 09 12:56pm
Very nice MotorStorm PS3
Mar 18, 09 12:37am
it's a good racing game, i don't play it often but sometimes i can't resist. MotorStorm PS3
Jan 09, 09 2:11am
Normal & COMPLETE edition MotorStorm PS3
Jan 07, 09 5:08pm
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megaman en m
Dec 21, 08 3:54am
I didn't like this game, the gameplay was boring, and the loading times were horrible MotorStorm PS3
Oct 11, 08 11:23pm
No comment lol:D MotorStorm PS3
Oct 11, 08 12:49pm
Cool for a while. MotorStorm PS3
Sep 22, 08 5:39pm
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Sep 07, 08 9:59am
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May 05, 08 10:11am

My first impressions of Motorstorm were that it was going to be yet another mediocre,...

Apr 12, 08 11:11am
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Apr 05, 08 2:30pm
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Jan 15, 08 4:12pm

This had all the ingredients required to make a great racer plus some more but...

Jul 02, 07 6:59am


Forget Ridge Racer, this is the first good racer on the PS3.

Motorstorm takes...

May 25, 07 8:32am
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