Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Own / Want List

Username Comments
McSimmer2012 None
NeoHoltsky None
Trev_GFC None
CheatMaster101 None
Machienzo An extremely fun combat game. Overshadows the others as of 2009.
RizzyJay None
timrell None
Sweeney None
cgauld7 None
gokus_best_friend None
Nine_Breaker106 None
endorphen None
CarRamrod None
faris32 None
Schteven None
Archangel None
Renegade_xWo None
BigBhaarlokzMon None
Ace Flyer None
Whelan None
KurtisTrent None
its_me80 None
Twin_Master Excellent game. I'm trying to go through all the achievements with my father.
Exonerate None
Psycho5050 None
Toonami None
Dark Saiyan Warrior None
Chad None
Samurai X14 None
tyranitar24 None
Metallica None
Monterey Jack None
HamsterMan None
MiamiHurricanes None
Tajiumasa None
Ecto5 None
jbh None
Jknucklez None
Gta_Kh2 freak At first it was loads of fun. Campaign was swell, Special Ops were challenging to an extent, multiplayer was alright.
Garouga None
Pr3tzals None
filly None
icebox66 None
Larxiz None
clarke7000 None
puppychris12 None
PangTong_Blademaster None
AndyD_U None
swordsmanjames I only play it in on-line or off-line Multiplayer with friends
Lyrikal_Retorik None