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The single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, titled "For the Record," begins five years after the events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Once again, the world is at the brink of destruction. Although defeated by the Americans, the Russians chose to make Zhakaev a hero and threaten the peace on Earth once again. To make matters even worse, they get assistance from a known terrorist who tries everything to escalate the tension to a full-scale war. In the middle of it all: the player, in the shoes of PFC Joseph Allen, SGT Gary "Roach" Sanderson, a member of Task-Force 141 and the hero of the first game, and Captain "Soap" McTavis, the Task Force's leader.

Game Play

Like it's predecessor, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an FPS that is a fairly linear single-player experience with heavy scripting and action-oriented. The missions take place in various locations around the world, shooting, sneaking and driving through enemy lines to fulfill a variety of objectives like blowing up a fueling station, for example. To fight all the hordes of ever respawning enemies, he has access to a large collection of modern-world weaponry, but is limited to carrying two weapons and grenades at any given time.


Multiplayer mode, complete with a ranking system where players gain experience points for killing enemies, winning a round or completing an objective. Experience Points are then used to unlock new game-modes, dog tags and new weapons/abilities.

A two-player Co-op mode, titled "Spec Ops" that features several missions that occur besides the main campaign in three different difficulty settings with a variety of different objectives, including getting from point A to point B in a certain time limit. These missions can be completed alone as well.

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