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MLB 2K7 returns for the latest season, offering improved player models and animations, as well as new gameplay features and of course updated rosters.


Featuring, lifelike player models, Signature Style animations, all-new throwing mechanics, and a "revolutionary" presentation system. Major League Baseball 2K7 "delivers the most authentic baseball action to date." Manage your franchise and handle team news, attendance, ticket prices and fan buzz -- each will affect your profits, which affects your budget for next year. Go head-to-head and compete in leagues and tournaments, in the online modes.

Go head-to-head and compete in leagues and tournaments, in the 2K Sports online modes - Seamless camera work, new crowd audio and "stunning replays keep you in the moment through the duration of a game". Jon Miller and Hall of Famer Joe Morgan provide commentary for the game.


  • Signature Style: Over 150 major league players will have their tendencies and animations mimicked, so you can play just like the real-life stars. On top of that, nearly all of the player faces have been redone from the ground-up using scanned data.

  • True Fielding: Fielder positioning, relay and cutoff A.I. are redesigned to allow for a better, more authentic Major League defensive play. Defensive alignments are now based on who is at the plate. Rundowns are revamped as well.

  • Dynamic Throwing System: A new implementation of responsive throwing mechanics coupled with unique animations for infield, outfield and situational throws.

  • Inside Edge: Three years of actual scouting reports and analysis built into every player.

  • Franchise Finance: A revised, beefier franchise mode including team news, attendance, ticket prices and fan "buzz".

  • Player Morale System: Successful team decisions and a well-balanced team brings optimal performance to the field and the plate.

  • 2K Sports Online Play: Online leagues and tournaments will be implemented, featuring full 30 man leagues.

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