Metal Gear Online uses the MGS4 engine to bring pure multiplayer Metal Gear action to the PlayStation 3.

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[image1 link=yes width=650] After more than three years of service, Konami will be shutting down its Metal... posted Feb 14, 12 11:21am

As part of the efforts to conserve Japan's electricity usage in the wake of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami,... posted Mar 13, 11 8:27pm


Metal Gear Online, MGO for short, it pretty much the Online version of MGS4. It pretty...

It comes with MGS4, luckily. Add me as IEatBabies MetalGearOnline PS3
An extremely fun game to play. Only the best soldiers make it out of combat alive. MetalGearOnline PS3
Metal Gear Solid 4 in all it's splendour, online. Tough to adapt to at first but will provide lots of fun provided you have good internet. MetalGearOnline PS3
Haven't even played it. But I hear it's quite fun. MetalGearOnline PS3

[image1 link=yes width=250 height=186] Konami announced yesterday that they would be celebrating the one-year... posted Jun 17, 09 5:32pm

Konami announced two updates Metal Gear Online today.  The first is a new Race Mission mode, set to go live today,... posted May 12, 09 5:22pm

More information concerning the SCENE expansion announced last month for Metal Gear Online has been... posted Mar 06, 09 8:03pm

Konami has announced today that the SCENE expansion for Metal Gear Online will be made available in March.  SCENE... posted Feb 18, 09 7:35pm

January seems to be the month of DLC.  Konami has just announced today a new team-based game mode for Metal Gear... posted Jan 26, 09 7:37pm

Konami has announced downloadable content for their famed Metal Gear Online game in the form of the MEME EXPANSION.... posted Nov 17, 08 5:20pm

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