Metal Gear Online uses the MGS4 engine to bring pure multiplayer Metal Gear action to the PlayStation 3.

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[image1 link=yes width=650] After more than three years of service, Konami will be shutting down its Metal... posted Feb 14, 12 11:21am

As part of the efforts to conserve Japan's electricity usage in the wake of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami,... posted Mar 13, 11 8:27pm

Sep 20, 10 10:33am

Metal Gear Online, MGO for short, it pretty much the Online version of MGS4. It pretty...

Aug 31, 10 2:30pm
It comes with MGS4, luckily. Add me as IEatBabies MetalGearOnline PS3
Feb 18, 10 10:26pm
An extremely fun game to play. Only the best soldiers make it out of combat alive. MetalGearOnline PS3
Jan 13, 10 5:46pm
Metal Gear Solid 4 in all it's splendour, online. Tough to adapt to at first but will provide lots of fun provided you have good internet. MetalGearOnline PS3
Sep 16, 09 2:22am
Haven't even played it. But I hear it's quite fun. MetalGearOnline PS3

[image1 link=yes width=250 height=186] Konami announced yesterday that they would be celebrating the one-year... posted Jun 17, 09 5:32pm

May 12, 09 6:13pm
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Konami announced two updates Metal Gear Online today.  The first is a new Race Mission mode, set to go live today,... posted May 12, 09 5:22pm

Apr 25, 09 2:50am
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Mar 29, 09 11:26pm
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Mar 11, 09 5:11am
Nick Name: PSYCH0-W0LF MetalGearOnline PS3

More information concerning the SCENE expansion announced last month for Metal Gear Online has been... posted Mar 06, 09 8:03pm

Konami has announced today that the SCENE expansion for Metal Gear Online will be made available in March.  SCENE... posted Feb 18, 09 7:35pm

January seems to be the month of DLC.  Konami has just announced today a new team-based game mode for Metal Gear... posted Jan 26, 09 7:37pm

Konami has announced downloadable content for their famed Metal Gear Online game in the form of the MEME EXPANSION.... posted Nov 17, 08 5:20pm

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