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General Neutronov, one of Matt’s nemeses has reactivated all of Hazard’s greatest enemies from classics like Matt’s original adventure, The Adventures of Matt in Hazard Land and Chest of the Pirate Queen in an attempt to destroy Matt’s former self in the past and end his present. Matt has no time for a leisurely stroll down memory lane in Blood Bath and Beyond as he chases Neutronov through the games of the past in order to save his future.

Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond is a flood of carnage that the classic 8-bit side-scroller era didn’t want gamers to see. Recreated today with next-gen 3D graphics, it’s nonstop run-and-gun action at its finest. Take a suspenseful ride in single player or co-op through a pirate hideout, an ancient Japanese castle, the Old West, Siberian ice mines, and even the moon and relive some of the most classic and violent moments in Matt Hazard’s videogame history.
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Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond (BB&B) is an upcoming title which sees our comical hero's return to take on... posted Oct 27, 09 3:30am

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