Lego Rock Band Pro Reviews

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Lego Rock Band Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Digital Chumps 7.6/10 Nov 22 '09
GameSpot 7.5/10 Nov 04 '09
Gamespy 3/5 Nov 03 '09
IGN PS3 7/10 Nov 03 '09
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Lego Rock Band Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP Oct 13 '09
Games Radar Oct 12 '09
IGN PS3 Oct 16 '09
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Quoted from Lego Rock Band Reviews:
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"With kid-friendly turns in Lego Indy, Lego Batman, and Lego Star Wars, the pegged-block franchise has extended its roots pretty far into the videogame world. But the next Lego-themed adventure does away with the action-focused collect-a-thon of previous outings, and adds a new graphical skin to the ever-expanding rhythm genre with Lego Rock Band. It won't be as "hardcore" as the recently released Guitar Hero 5, nor as "artistic" as Harmonix's own The Beatles Rock Band; instead, Lego Rock Band is looking to fill a family-friendly niche with a light, pop-centric setlist and plenty of Lego humor. When Harmonix brought the game around to the 1UP office for a recent hands-on demo, I got to see the changes that Lego will bring to the Rock Band series. With a newly added Super Easy mode, and a selection of music that should appeal to a wider audience, this looks like it will be the most easily approachable Rock Band yet. As a fan who's played every title in the series to death, what I find most exciting about the upcoming game are the fun tracks (like Bowie's "Let's Dance," or Ray Parker Jr.'s "Ghostbusters") -- songs that that you'd normally only find on games like Karaoke Revolution or Elite Beat Agents. But also adding to Lego Rock Band's value: Harmonix claims you'll be able to export every song in the game over to Rock Band 2, and vice versa: almost all of Rock Band 2's DLC (the songs that don't contain offensive language/subject matter, anyway) will also be playable in Lego Rock Band."
"Our guitars were tuned. Our amps were cranked to the max. It was time to rock. However, instead of a looking out at a packed house in a seedy dive bar, our band was on the deck of a rickety pirate ship in the middle of the frothing ocean about to open a can of rock-n-roll whup-ass on a giant, ticked-off octopus. Apparently the many-tentacled brute didn’t take too kindly to our decision to pass over his kiddo who’d recently auditioned to be our new drummer ..."
"This charming rhythm game is especially good for first-timers, but it's a little light on content. "