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Product Wiki Description: The game picks up immediately after the ending of Killzone 2 and once again follows the story of the series' main protagonist, Sev, a Special Forces operative fighting for the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance against the Helghast Empire. The game's story has been referred to being similar to the story of David and Goliath. The game continues shortly after Sev successfully defeated and killed Visari, the Helghast dictator who leaves them a final parting gift, detonating a nuclear bomb in... submit new
Release Date (North America):Feb 22, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Europe):February 2011 submit new
Release Date (Japan):Feb 24, 2011 submit new
Release Date (Australia):February 2011 submit new
Perspective:First Person submit new
Themes:Alternate Reality submit new
Publisher:SCEA submit new
Developer:Guerrilla Games submit new
Online Co-op: submit new
Offline Co-op:2 max submit new
Online Multiplayer: submit new
Offline Multiplayer:2 max submit new
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Killzone 3
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