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Killer is Dead Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Destructoid 7/10 Aug 27 '13
Digital Spy 3/5 Aug 29 '13
Edge-Online 6/10 Aug 27 '13
EGMnow 6/10 Aug 27 '13
EuroGamer 5/10 Aug 27 '13
Game Informer 6/10 Aug 27 '13
GameTrailers 6.7/10 Aug 27 '13
NowGamer 7/10 Aug 27 '13
USgamer 2/5 Aug 30 '13
Videogamer 6/10 Aug 27 '13
EuroGamer 5/10 Aug 27 '13
Games Radar /10 Aug 27 '13
GameSpot 5.0/10 Aug 27 '13
IGN PS3 5/10 Aug 27 '13
Worthplaying 6.0/10 Aug 28 '13
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Quoted from Killer is Dead Reviews:
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"In the end, you're left with a slightly quirky Japanese action game that felt like it could have come from any number of developers. The action isn't truly technical but it works, and the cast and narrative don't have that Suda quality charm, but they're interesting enough to compel you to keep playing. If you're a pure action fan, this is just another game to eat up -- for everyone else, there's not a whole lot for you to enjoy in Killer is Dead."
"Unfortunately, while the concept is sound and the combat system works well, the team's obsession with the bizarre, not to mention the female body, detracts from what could have been a killer experience."
"Even taking deaths and restarts into consideration, the dozen missions are over in around seven hours; fewer if you don’t bother with the sidequests, which vary greatly in quality. Though it doesn’t outstay its welcome, the final act sees the plot hurtle towards a climax that arrives too soon. It’s a shame the outrage about those Gigolo missions will overshadow everything Killer Is Dead does right, but in truth, it might otherwise be soon forgotten. With Suda we’ve come to expect the unexpected, but the most disappointing thing about Killer Is Dead is that the unexpected has become predictable. By adhering too rigidly to its creator’s esoteric template, it gives us pretty much exactly what we were anticipating."
"The decent core combat can’t hide the fact that this is Suda51’s most ridiculous, nonsensical plot yet, and an offensive “courtship” minigame is a further black mark on the proceedings. This one may even turn off Suda’s most hardcore fans."
"At various points, Killer is Dead shoots for the visual surrealism of El Shaddai, the hyperbolic intensity of Asura's Wrath, the oddball melodrama of Deadly Premonition, the extravagant showmanship of Bayonetta. It misses by a wide margin every time. Those games are punk, but Killer is Dead is just posturing. It's just product."