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Blending first person shooting and third person action, Quantum of Solace the Game puts you in control of Bond's greatest weapon, his mind. You must think like Bond and intelligently use the map and situation to your advantage. Confront enemies in a variety of ways: take them head on, fire from behind cover or sneak up and silently eliminate them with a variety of special takedown moves. Based on Quantum of Solace and Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace the Game puts you in the dangerous world of international espionage and intrigue.


  • You are the new Bond: For the first time on next-gen, take control of the new Bond. Employ all you Bond skills in high-octane combat, chaotic gun fights and precise stealth takedowns.

  • Take cover: First person shooting with third person cover combat allows you to adjust your gameplay to meet each challenge. Hide behind cover, fire from protected positions and use suppressing fire to distract enemies.

  • Fight worthy adversaries: Advanced AI systems allow enemies to react to you in intelligent and tactical ways. Think quick, because they'll seek cover and outflank you.

  • The new world of Bond: Utilizing the likenesses and voices of actors from both films including Daniel Craig and Judi Dench, the game immerses you in the story of how Bond becomes the ultimate 00 agent. Each mission will take you through exotic locations such as Casino Royale in Montenegro, the canals of Venice, the countryside of Madagascar, the deserts of Bolivia and the streets of Austria.

  • Become the world's premiere MI6 agent: Bond goes online with standard 12-player multiplayer modes plus unique Bond modes such as "Bond VS" which pits you against other opponents in an intense race to complete objectives, and Golden Gun mode, which allows players to perform on hit kills using the coveted Golden Gun.

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I usually play online and my name is danstir. so if you see me remember its mee JamesBondQuantumOfSolace PC
The single player campaign is allot of fun and the game looks great, but the online multiplayer is disappointing. JamesBondQuantumOfSolace PS3
good not too bad needs cheats though JamesBondQuantumOfSolace PS3

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