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Haze Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Computer and Video Games 7.1/10 May 21 '08
EuroGamer 4/10 May 22 '08
GameDaily 7/10 May 19 '08
gameplasma.com 5/10 May 28 '08
Gamer 2.0 5.3/10 May 30 '08
GameSpot 6.0/10 May 20 '08
GameZone 5.5/10 May 22 '08
HonestGamers.com 3/10 Jun 05 '08
Kombo PSP 6.5/10 May 29 '08
Thunderbolt 5/10 Feb 20 '09
Worthplaying 7.0/10 May 20 '08
X-Play 2/5 May 20 '08
1UP D+ May 28 '08
Game Chronicles Magazine 5.3/10 Jun 13 '08
Gamespy 2/5 May 20 '08
IGN PS3 4.5/10 May 20 '08
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Haze Previews

website publish date article rating
1UP May 12 '06
Future Gamez May 21 '06
Gamesfirst May 19 '06
GameSpot Apr 03 '08
Gamespy May 11 '06
Thunderbolt May 14 '08
TotalPlaystation Aug 25 '07
IGN PS3 Aug 21 '07
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Quoted from Haze Reviews:
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"On the whole, Haze isn't outright terrible or broken -- it's just unsatisfying and misguided and would have been merely average on the Xbox and PS2. Its campaign, with or without friends, is a typical, sometimes offensive six-to-eight hour hodgepodge of gameplay that's been done better many times over, co-op or not. Multiplayer, meanwhile, has glimmers of potential and can be fun, but it has nothing that approaches an addiction level of replayability (and it's sad that last-gen's TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, for one, had many more multiplayer options). Kicking this habit won't be hard; better yet, don't even take the initial hit."
"After over a year of hype, speculation and delay, Ubisoft's Haze breaks cover - and despite being developed by Free Radical, the team behind the excellent TimeSplitters 2 on PS2 - it fails to better UT3, Resistance and CoD4. Haze looks poor, lacks set-pieces and feels like a novel idea that missed its window of opportunity, frayed by the requests of nervous Brand Managers and cruel demands of next-gen development."
"Despite these issues - the ridiculous space needed for install, the lame characterizations and the utterly laughable dialogue - Haze is a good first person shooter. It doesn't do anything vastly different from its competitors, but it doesn't need to. Just pop it into your PS3, relax and start shooting. Just take it easy on the Nectar."
"Haze is a mixed bag of moments of enjoyment, annoyance, frustration and disgust."
"In the first rebel level we saw, we answered a distress signal from a container ship not far from the Promised Hand's hideout. While fighting your way through the rusty tub you eventually stumble upon the transmitter of the signal, who provides some clues on the purpose of Mantel's presence in the region."