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Hail to the Chimp begins after the Lion is deposed as King following a series of embarrassing scandals. The rest of the animals decide it's time to give democracy a try and hold an election for the next King giving even the lowliest of animals (the Clams) a say in things. The election quickly becomes a chaotic multiplayer free-for-all, with each candidate using a combination of brute force and dirty tricks to turn out the Clam vote. Ten animals will compete to become the next King. During the game, all ten candidates will need to form, and break, alliances with their rivals to gain the upper hand. Multiple game types and hazard-filled arenas keep the action flowing nonstop as the shifting loyalties, truces and vendettas build up to epic proportions.


  • Pick your character: Choose one of ten animal candidates, ranging from the crafty monkey, Crackers, to the mighty hippo, Ptolemy
  • Use special attacks: Team up with a rival to unleash special attacks on other players. Each animal combination results in a different special move
  • Collect the clams: Collect clams scattered around the environment and attack enemies to knock their clams loose. The more clams you have, the more damage you can absorb and inflict!
  • Run your campaign: Compete in a wide variety of campaign events such as stuffing ballot boxes, smashing voting machines, and smearing opponents.
  • Choose your strategy: Dynamic maps and crazy traps let you win with brains as well as brawn
  • Chart your progress: See your political fortunes rise and fall on GRR News, the in-game animal news network hosted by Woodchuck Chumley.
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