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Guitar Hero: Metallica is next installment in the franchise and will be the first Guitar Hero game to feature songs from the heavy-metal band Metallica.
can i get achievements as i use cheats GuitarHeroMetallica X360
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the bast band music game available 9/10 GuitarHeroMetallica PS3

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock already has a huge setlist ready to go on the disc but how about adding another... posted Sep 14, 10 8:01pm

Don't play expert if your a noob GuitarHeroMetallica PS3

If Death Magnetic could sell well, then this game will be the biggest seller of '09....

Great great game that I can't get enough of. I love Metallica. GuitarHeroMetallica PS3
Fade to Black? Enter Sandman? Master of Puppets? Yes please. GuitarHeroMetallica PS3
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