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Grand Theft Auto IV is a multiplatform action adventure game and the fourth flagship entry in Rockstar's wildly popular GTA series since the franchise was reimagined as an open world action adventure. GTAIV casts players as Niko Bellic, a war veteran from Eastern Europe who escapes to Liberty City in hopes of locating a man believed to have betrayed him and his unit in a war over a decade ago, and maybe even starting a new life.

Unfortunately Niko and his cousin Roman end up getting dragged into a power struggle involving Liberty City's criminal underworld and various other organizations, and players must help Niko decide how to settle the scores.

Players can explore four boroughs based on those of New York City on foot and in various vehicles from third person perspective (vehicles however offer an additional first person viewpoint). The storyline progresses based on missions, with many more optional missions available. Players can defend themselves and attack others using melee attacks and wide variety of firearms. The environment can also be used to the player's advantage during heated shootouts.

Should players choose to incite the ire of Liberty CIty's authorities, they'll earn a Wanted level that increases based on notoriety; should the level get high enough, players can expect some very heavy resistance from the national guard! Players can attempt to decrease the Wanted level by seeking cover and evading pursuit and capture from authorities.


By using Euphoria, Endorphin and RAGE together, Grand Theft Auto IV is set to put a whole new meaning on next-gen.

The game uses a ragdoll physics engine Endorphin to create dynamic new cutscenes and in game action by allowing characters and objects to move as they would in real life as opposed to the simple animations seen in previous GTA games.

We also see the use of an engine called Euphoria, which puts a life-like intelligence into characters, including normal pedestrians. This will allow people in the game to detect danger and to do what they can to get themselves out of it, for example if they were falling from a cliff they would try to grab onto an object to stop them from falling rather than simply letting themselves plunge.

RAGE is the Rockstar Advanced Game Engine which allows them to add skins to the world of GTA and this is what we see make the graphics what they are. RAGE is set to give GTA IV a similar quality graphics-wise as we saw in Rockstar's Table Tennis game. These three working together creates a combination which we can see in action on the two trailers and which we will see on the final game, putting a highly life-like edge on the game.


The usual mission structure will return, expanded, allowing the player to start and take care of missions at any time within the allowed time, meaning the game's time system should be more structured than before. Grab a car and wreak havoc like all GTA fans love to. Take to the skies of Liberty in a chopper and utilise the new over-the-shoulder aiming feature to accurately take out your opponents.


  • 3340KB Minimum Installation
  • SixAxis Motion Sensitive
  • 720p, 1080i, 1080p HD

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Im stuck between this and MW2 for my favor ite game. GrandTheftAuto4 PC
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