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God of War: Ascension is the 2013 PS3 installment of the God of War series, and serves as the prequel detailing the rise of anti-hero Kratos as he seeks to break free of his bonds to Ares, the God of War himself.

Like the previous titles in the series, Ascension is third-person action adventure game where players control Kratos and brutally defeat opponents in combo-based combat sequences as he progresses through levels with platforming and puzzle challenges. Highlights of the game remain the large-scale boss battles against enemies based on Greek mythology, featuring many phases to combine the elements of combat and platforming.

Exploring levels are encouraged to uncover powerups that players require to upgrade Kratos' health and magical abilties, as well as his repertoire of attacks. Kratos can now acquire temporary weapons from the environment and his enemies and use them instead of his signature Chaos Blades, which he can switch to at any time during combo attacks.

Also new to Ascension is an online multiplayer mode supporting up to eight players, each aligned to one of four Olympian gods who bestow unique combat styles and abilities. Players compete against each other to win the favor of the gods by completing challenges called Labors and conquering territory on the multiplayer map.

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