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Fuel of War is an open world, infantry- and vehicle-based FPS (First Person Shooter) featuring advanced next-gen weaponry in a desperate, near future setting where controlling the planet's depleting fossil resources determines the ultimate fate of civilization. A global war for oil is being waged between two superpowers, the Western Coalition (US/EU) and the Red Star Alliance (Russia/China), and players will be instrumental in determining how the war is waged - and won. The single player campaign will focus on this powerful storyline as players' execute missions focused on non-linear gameplay, moving their frontline through enemy held territory.


  • Frontline Combat System - In both single player and multiplayer, players join the forces on
  • the frontline that result in focused combat and increased intensity while allowing player choice.
  • Open World Environment - In both single player and multiplayer, players can create their own
  • path to victory with non-linear mission objectives and destructible environments. The player chips
  • away at the battle instead of standard die and redo system.
  • Next Generation Firepower - Over 60 next generation vehicles and weapons inspired by
  • military designs of the near future. Including Jets, helicopters, tanks, APC's and more.
  • Customizable Soldier System - Character customization allows you to represent your play

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  • Genre: Action Shooter (PS3)
  • Perspective(s): First Person
  • Developer: Karma Studios
  • Publisher: THQ
  • Released
    North AmericaJanuary 2008 CANCELLED
    EuropeOct 9, 2007 CANCELLED
  • Player Info:
  • Online Multi-player (32)
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