Fight Night Round 4 is the sequel to Fight Night Round 3, and the latest boxing video game in Electronic Arts award winning Fight Night series.

Fight Night Round 4 gives its players various fighting styles, real life fighters past and present, and the chance to emulate the greatest fighters of all time. With an improved roster, stunning graphics, and a revamped career mode, Fight Night Round 4 looks set to reign undisputed, once again.

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HullCityTiger33 and 17 others own Fight Night Round 4
smooth boxing action in all ways hours of entertainment in my opinion gets rid of frustration 8/10 FightNightRound4 PS3
a very impressive boxing game FightNightRound4 X360
nasty nappa and 2 others played Fight Night Round 4
incredible realism and every match is different 8/10 FightNightRound4 PS3
Much harder than it's predecessor, more involved training and career modes. somehow feels like you're controlling mannequins though. FightNightRound4 PS3

EA must be a bit red-faced at the moment: they had to pullt their latest DLC, Fight Night Round 4 Champions Pack... posted Dec 07, 09 7:44pm

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8.8 / 10
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