FIFA Soccer 09 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Sweeney None
Andy None
Nicodm None
Rudd04 None
Twin_Master The last of the 8-pont dribbling system. No 360 dribbling although gameplay looks a lot smoother than the sequel.
Dobbo87 None
Toonami None
jbh None
Greatbwfc None
G1LB3RT None
udonnomehaha None
Spazzyjaz None
marine06corps None
Luke the Gooner None
Ivy93 None
manumad2006 None
AndyD_U None
Matthew MALTA None
Roy94 None
Sabre Great fun
SaintsFC Rule None
cgauld7 None
h0ds0n None
Rosicky77 None
Xabi None
Pezzy101 None
samos None
mitchel93 None
solidfranz None
gaz7837 None
x X shadow X x None
Gazza None
Rooney01 None
levi_liverpool None
Nathant93 None
BALLR24 New, Just testing it out.
juneau1982 None
Superfast None
KiLLmoVes None
Madrid Man None
hamilton2007 None
ganny20 None
The_End_2k9 None
androidmaker None
XtremeX10X None
JimmyTX None
manumad2009 None
wireyfiend None
itfc_4life None