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Average Review Score: 8.5/10

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Eternal Sonata Reviews

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CheatCC 4.4/5 Nov 13 '08
Digital Chumps 9.0/10 Oct 27 '08 83% Feb 27 '09
Games Radar 9/10 Nov 11 '08 B Dec 11 '08
Gamespot 8.5/10 Oct 23 '08
GameZone 8.0/10 Nov 17 '08
IGN PS3 8.7/10 Oct 24 '08
Videogame Talk 4.5/5 Nov 01 '08
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CheatCC on Jan 21 '09

"For an RPG, Eternal Sonata isn't particularly long -- it clocks in at around 30 hours -- but it's a deep, rewarding, and completely entertaining experience while it lasts."

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Games Radar on Jan 21 '09

"The battle system is still addictively fun, the multifaceted story is riveting, and the graphics are amazing... we couldn't ask for much more."

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IGN PS3 on Oct 25 '08

"The PS3 version not only provides RPG enthusiasts with the same fantastic experience that 360 owners were privileged to last year, but it expands on the package as a whole with new cutscenes,..."

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Videogame Talk on Jan 21 '09

"If you are looking for a solid role-playing game for the PlayStation 3 then you definitely need to add Eternal Sonata to your list. "

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