On his deathbed, Chopin, the famous composer, drifts between this life and the next. In his dreams, happenstance encounters with a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her, leads to Chopin's discovery of the light that shines in each of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.



  • Custom-Made for Next-Gen: Enjoy amazing, high-definition, anime style cel-shading and high quality textures shine to truly deliver an awesome next gen experience.
  • Innovative Battle System: Battle using a unique hybrid turn based/action RPG system that combines free-roam and turn-based action (up to three players during battle).
  • Strategic Use of Light and Darkness: Adjust your battle strategy in the ongoing struggle between light and darkness. Beware of enemies lurking in the shadows, as their stats – attacks and potency – will change, as will their physical form. Lure them out into the light or destroy them there in the cloak of darkness. Also, change your special attacks depending on whether you are in the light….or in the dark.
  • Dramatic and Evolving Storyline: Experience a deeply moving story focusing on the enduring struggle between good and evil all while taking place in a dream during the final 3 hours of world-famous music composer Frederic Chopin's life.
  • Mesmerizing Music: Listen as world-renowned pianist Stanislav Bunin performs Chopin's original compositions, which are a key element in the environment and story of Eternal Sonata.

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Dieuverse and 12 others played Eternal Sonata
Apr 30, 11 1:00am
STUCK ON CAPTAIN DOUCHEBAG (Dolce)! EternalSonata X360
Jul 31, 10 9:41am
MULTIPLAYER IN AN RPG!!! and a damn fine story too, shearching maps is rewarding to those who take the time EternalSonata X360
The Jester
Apr 18, 10 9:04am
Unusal, original, educational and brave. A rarity these days. EternalSonata X360
Jan 01, 10 8:54pm
added 7 new concept art
Dec 31, 09 7:05pm
I just love this game, the story, the characters, everything. I ended up getting 1000 on two XBOX accounts! Believe it or not. EternalSonata X360
Dec 14, 09 5:06pm
Score: 81 Fun and different. EternalSonata X360
InsanityS blogged
Nov 15, 09 11:04am

Winner of the 49th round of Articles of Excellence. Originally a 360 release, Eternal Sonata made its appearance on the PS3 and Gamecube Guru gives us his insight on what makes this such a compelling RPG. A colourful vision backed by a more involving battle system and classic staples of the genre. Check the source to see more.

 Eternal Sonata     Score: 4.7/5
 Genre: RPG

 However, with an epic soundtrack, colorful anime-inspired visuals, coupled off with an
 excellent story and a very engaging battle system, Eternal Sonata comes as
                  recommended to anybody, especially those into JRPGs.

quote Gamecube Guru

Haha, 360 loses another exclusive.
Ported from the 360 over to the PS3, Eternal Sonata manages to maintain the awesomess from the 360 version, and add a few big drops of awesomesacue to the PS3 version to make it worth your money if you have both. Now, the PS3 isn't that loaded with RPGs, and normally, an RPG fanatic wouldn't shell out money for a PS3, unless they happen to be into other sorts of games, and odds are, they aren't. However, with Eternal Sonata on the PS3, maybe things will change. Maybe... As far as I'm concerned, it should. It plays, looks and sounds like a title that should be selling units and should make the PS3 popular with RPG enthusiasts who didn't get a 360 (which is scarce as far as I know, because many RPGs have appeared on the 360, whereas there aren't too many for PS3, at least, that you can't get on 360 as well). Hell, it should be the JRPG equivalent of Metal Gear Solid 4... or at least inFAMOUS and Killzone 2! Has a couple of minor gripes - most of which doesn't even feel like them, depending on your perspective - but still damn impressive, and perfectly able to show off what the PS3 can do to, once and for all, silence the 360 fanboys.

A dreamy symphony of a universe.
The story behind Eternal Sonata is that the famous composer, Frederic Chopin, is lying on his deathbed. Okay, so that's it, right? Wrong! This game takes place within Chopin's mind. Instead of a boring opera house filled to the brim with living violins and whatnot, you have a literal dream land, kind of like a typical RPG world (forests, mountains, towns, etc). In this world, Chopin is aware that he's dreaming, though he possesses not musical overtures that will lull the enemy to sleep, but rather, magic and prediction of the future, as well as being able to read people's thoughts (sounds cool, but this is a dream he thought up; unless it's uncontrollable, he should already have it planned out). He soon meets up with the heroine, Polka, and a couple of street urchins, Allegretto and Beat. This ragtag group sets out to confront the ruler of the country of Forte, Count Waltz, about the high taxes he has placed on everything except the questionable medicine known as Mineral Powder, which seems to be like a nuclear cure for cancer - it'll work, but at what cost?
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Monterey Jack
Oct 24, 09 1:04pm

Haha, 360 loses another exclusive.
Ported from the 360 over to the PS3, Eternal Sonata...

Sep 08, 09 11:50am
Awesome game and music EternalSonata X360
Aug 25, 09 6:18pm
Much more plodding and repetitive than people generally espouse, that said a charming change from the norm. EternalSonata X360
Aug 08, 09 4:31pm
Beat it in Encore. Will get to a low level run whenever I have the bother to. EternalSonata X360
Shadow of Death
May 07, 09 12:45am
Haven't really gotten far, TBH. I bought I guide which I haven't even used much. EternalSonata X360
gerard way owns you
May 05, 09 9:25am
Amazing RPG, first of its kind! EternalSonata X360
lollipopz blogged
Feb 20, 09 11:47pm

So today was really cool. I got some gaemz. The only one i really wanted tho was eternal sonata. I went to CEX, game, the other game shop in plymouth, hmv, and finally gamestation had it iiwhhwoopp

Jessy says:
im really irritated, because i was chatting to the guy in there about rpgs, cuz it was two for £20 and i couldnt find anything other than eternal sonata that wasnt shit
Jessy says:
i was like can i make children of mana into this 2 for £20 deal :F? lol
Jessy says:
he was like no but you can have lost odyssey ill go get it for you! OH CHEER MANS YOU ARE COOL
Jessy says:
yeah io really klike rpgs! you should play blue dragon
Jessy says:
oh i did that really terrible
Jessy says:
okay ill go get you lost odyssey from the back
Jessy says:
ok cheers man
Jessy says:
i buy discs
Jessy says:
get home like 6 hours later
Jessy says:
Jessy says:
ok nice story for you there
VR says:
This is where I be like you and say "Jeeze I don't need your life story man"

Hahaha :3

even tho i didn't actually go to buy that, I just ended up craving it. I'm so annoyed though. grrr.

but i sur did have a good day today. me and my buddy played pool and he beat me even though he played with one hand gee i sure am an embarrassment. and then he gave me oblivion and gears of war to play. ^____^____^__^__^_^__^
and i also got lost odyssey btw in case you skipped out my copypasta :3

BUT *bleep*IJG *bleep* ETERNAL SONATA. i am so mad still i can't even look at you right now xbox. when i take it back im keepign the booklet and saying oh no sir u didnt give me a booklet, YOU JUST GAVE ME A DISC THATS BEEN WANKED ON ;___;

xbox 360 oh sorry word is censored

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Feb 17, 09 11:00am
added a cheat
Feb 12, 09 5:53am
added 2 cheats
Jan 12, 09 4:16pm
awesome! the best music-turn based game! EternalSonata X360
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