Watain's Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Review

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upmagic Jan 19, 13
This seems really exaggerated? I wasn't impressed with Enslaved either but it wasn't bad enough to make me want to write a rant piece. Maybe I'm just not used to your style, lol. Humorous rage articles? I think that's a fun direction to take, but could use a little work. You reuse a lot of phrases, for instance.
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Watain Jan 30, 13
it does take a while to get used to my style when you're too used to how other reviewers on Neoseeker and other such sites do their thing - they're more professional about it while I just like to make people laugh... at least something good can come out of a shitty game, hey? don't worry, I'll do good games too.

if you're referring to me constantly referring to Monkey as the most badass video game character ever, that's honestly what I felt Ninja Theory were trying to convey Monkey as - a complete badass who doesn't take shit from anyone or anything, but the only way he's a badass is due to his actions (like what I've pointed out in the review) because he's a bland mother*bleep*er otherwise. if it's something else, then I'll understand that being a huge negative in the review.
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upmagic Feb 1, 13
Again, it just feels like you're forcing the issue, because I really can't fathom how you drew up that analysis of Monkey. His character isn't far fetched, though you make him sound like the Duke. It's obvious that he is the brawn and Trip the brains, but neither of them are "wafer thin" (you use that description twice, by the way). They're two relatable human beings doing what it takes to get home, and the crown poses as an interesting catalyst to that relationship .

And listen, I'm not arguing that relationship is even well executed or even that this game is remotely good, but you are exaggerating to a point where you will lose the reader at the very first paragraph. It makes it sound like you have a vendetta with this game, not as if you're just trying to tease it. And you can rage about Enslaved and still be entertaining, but to do that you have to ground yourself in at least a grain of truth for the reader to latch onto.

For example, your grounds for tearing apart Monkey is that he's "just a badass." If I wrote a review of FF7 and my whole argument was "Cloud is a 2 dimensional emo brat," would you even read past that? No, because you know I'm being dishonest. Give the developers at least some credit before digging into their work.

And really, just lighten up a bit. You clearly can write some funny stuff, but bring it back down to earth.