The game takes place in Yokohama City, and focuses on the friendship of Atsuma, a student of the Enchanter college and Touya. Enchant can be described as being similar to magic and is used to work with science and technology. Atsuma has the power to dissolve Enchant by touching it, often times getting Atsuma into trouble.


  • High-definition graphics: Marvel to more than 100 fully animated and highly detailed 3-D characters with distinct faces and unique personalities. The stunning, cinematic-quality environments will immerse you in a world of fantasy and magic.
  • Fast-action battle system: The easy-to-navigate interface, ability to move characters in-battle, and distance-dependent attacks create fast-paced, hands-on gameplay.
  • Deep storyline: With over 50 hours of epic gameplay, delve deeper as you meet new characters and explore their stories. In-game, you can choose how and in what order you want to attack levels with multiple objectives and branching missions.
  • Unlockable creatures: Find and unlock more than 75 special creatures that you can control and use in battle as part of your team. Each creature is as unique visually as they are in terms of special abilities.
  • Head-to-head multiplayer: Log onto Xbox Live® and challenge others to Versus battles. Choose your best character, because how well you do will affect your online ranking.

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