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Dynasty Warriors 6: Special is an extension to the PS3 game, Dynasty Warriors 6. The game is based off of the novel "Romance Of The Three Kingdoms" by Luo Guanzhong. You get to fight under the Wei, Wu, and Shu forces, along with other armies that helped to shape the Chinese history.

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Fun game, Basic being an empires game, but it was good enough. Not keen on character/weapon changes. Got the Platinum. DynastyWarriors6Empires X360
No PS3 listing but i have it on PS3 NOT Xbox 360 Unique weapons are in this where they were lacking in DW6 (PS3 version) DynastyWarriors6Empires X360
liu bei vs sun jain and cao cao so funny liu bei got reinforcements me(zhao yun) and xuhang with diao chan DynastyWarriors6Empires X360
AWESOME! Right next to DW:Strikeforce, this is probably the best Koei game. DynastyWarriors6Empires X360

For a series blazing for over a decade, it’s very interesting to see how KOEI are...

Right, so that Anime Expo stuff isn't up yet, and I'm thinking of putting up the panel talk I've got anyway. Otherwise, I'm waiting for Vegi's contributions.

Note there is another review up. It's from Activision again -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It's not exactly a winner, I'll tell you that much, but if you're interested in checking out the review for kicks, leaving some feedback, whatever, here it is: Neoseeker reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

I still need to bug H and crew about some ideas I had, even though there's a good chance they won't go through. I know Jamie already proposed some of them, but eh, I really haven't a clue, being in another country and all. Sometimes, I wish I did work in the office. Neoseeker needs to open a Los Angeles branch! Now accepting donations.

In other news, I won this GameStop / Activision sweepstakes that I don't remember entering. I do recall it was something Vegi encouraged me to participate in, so there's that. Either way, me and nine other winners will be going to Comic-Con and put up in a swanky hotel for a few days. We won't get to stay the entire duration, but it should still be quite an experience!

Oh, and holy Hell, Mass Effect 2! Actually, it's all old news to me, since I did get to attend E3 this year and check out BioWare's closed demos. But still! THAAAAANE!!! I want him in my Shepard's pants-bodysuit-armor-thing.

Video took just under 50 minutes to upload, thank you very much. But THAAAANE!! Man, screw exclusive vids and the sites that pay for them. Yeah, you heard me. A lot of these vids are timed exclusives, like video games, and then get an official release later. At that point, any media outlet can access and post the video.

Looking for something to play? I'm spending time with Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires.

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Too much caps? Too bad, blame Japanese pop culture and their obsession with CAPS LOCK. Anyway, thought some of you might like to know that our DYNASTY WARRIORS 6: Empires review is complete and should be up on the front page.

Game comes out today in North America, so if you're curious about it, do check out our review. Otherwise, know that it's a pretty good game as far as Dynasty Warriors go, but won't be converting any KOEI haters either.

I know you want to read this, and you know I know you do: Neoseeker reviews DYNASTY WARRIORS 6: Empires.

Also, feel free to leave feedback here or on the forums. It's how we know we're doing a good / shitty job. As for me, I do plan to go back and play this game some more. It's always nice playing games without a deadline, and I enjoy that feeling of freedom after each review. Brief as it is.

playstation 3 xbox 360 dynasty warriors koei review neoseeker

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Okay, so Prototype has been out a while, but I mentioned in a previous entry that Activision kind of sprung it on us at the last minute. Heath is still playing through, and I tackled the review since I don't have any side jobs or... whatever. This is pretty much it.

So what did I think? It's a mindless experience with a hot of hot guys that under normal circumstances, I wouldn't pay full price for. I've never played a game so terrible that I vowed to never touch it again, but that doesn't mean every game is great, like God's gift to gamers.

I mean, if the game interests you, then try it out. My biggest beef has to be with (1) the visuals and (2) the annoyance of having 90487242390482374423 enemies thrown at you all at once. Hunters, Super Soldiers, Jarheads in helicopters and tanks, Infected-peons... all trying to corner Alex and climb up his ass. Alright, so the second point is tolerable, but the first one really gets to me.

This game would've scored so much better all around and been a more immersive experience if the game didn't look so terrible. Of course the cinematics and the special characters like Alex look fine, but the buildings and the recycled character models for everyone else is flippin' atrocious.

Read the rest here: Neoseeker reviews Prototype

But you know what I've noticed? Alex Mercer and BLACKWATCH superstar Captain Cross are hot. Yeah, I'm surprised by Cross being there as well, since I only noticed Alex first. But you spend enough time with this game, and it warps your taste in men, I guess.

That review went out this morning, and then I treated myself to a nap. Woke up at around 2:00 pm and found a FedEx package outside. Wrapped in a heavy plastic bag shielding it from the rain was none other than Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires, as promised. My copy was accidentally shipped up to Neo HQ in Vancouver, so I called my PR contact to KOEI and he (plus Heather, a sweet PR-lady I met at E3) was very understanding. They shot another package out the door and here it is, on my bed.

Suggested the extra copy in Vancouver be used in a giveaway of some sort. Neoseeker is pretty awesome with those contests, eh? Time for me to get back to reviewing.

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Enjoyable game, though it can take a while. DynastyWarriors6Empires X360
  • Genre: Action/Adventure (PS3)
  • Theme(s): Historical
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
  • Developer: Omega Force
  • Publisher: Koei
  • Released
    North AmericaJun 23, 2009
    EuropeJun 26, 2009
    JapanMay 28, 2009
    AustraliaJun 25, 2009
  • Player Info:
  • Offline Co-op (1-2)
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