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DUST 514 Reviews

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Destructoid 6/10 Alr May 17 '13
Destructoid 6/10 May 17 '13
Gamespot 4/10 Dec 16 '13
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DUST 514 Previews

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Games Radar Mar 22 '12
Games Radar Mar 29 '12
Games Radar Jun 07 '12
Games Radar Nov 02 '12
Gamespot Jun 07 '12
Gamespy Jun 30 '11
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Destructoid on Oct 01 '13

"Playing Dust 514 on PS3? You'll want to log on this weekend to double up on skill points and level up. The 2X Skill Point event started yesterday and runs for a solid week (ending August 14), so..."

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Destructoid on Oct 19 '13

"CCP Games has nabbed Jean-Charles Gaudechon as executive producer for Dust 514, their free-to-play PS3 FPS. Gaudechon was an executive producer at Electronic Arts Stockholm where he headed up..."

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Games Radar on Mar 23 '12

"These situations are hypothetical, of course. In order for DUST’s integration with EVE to be successful and rewarding it needs to work flawlessly, and that’s going to take a lot of testing to pull..."

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Games Radar on Jun 15 '12

"DUST is full of so many great ideas, and we're happy to see the gameplay finally (start to) catch up to them. There's still work to be done, though. Even with graphical updates it's not a very good..."

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Gamespot on Jul 24 '12

"And that's what makes Dust 514 so compelling. Sure, it's a sci-fi first-person shooter that doesn't exactly feel worlds apart from something like Halo. But it's a game that exists in a lived-in..."

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