Hybrid tower defense/action RPG where players set up defenses and actively resist invading hordes of enemies.

Game Play

Online or local multiplayer supports up to four players.


-Four hero classes each with their own unique abilities
-Level up characters and towers
-Over 100 enemy types
-DLC support

Hardware Info
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Dec 27, 12 5:03am
Pretty solid for Tower Defense and RPG, but its too much of the same thing. PVP is horrible DungeonDefenders PC

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Jan 05, 12 5:38am
Just got this thanks to Redemption DungeonDefenders PC

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For the first time ever, Dungeon Defenders heroes can visit the lands of Etheria with the 'Quest for the Lost... posted Dec 16, 11 11:34am

Dec 07, 11 1:59pm
this is a great game with seemingly endless amounts of fun and amazing multiplayer! 9/10 DungeonDefenders PC

[image1 link=yes width=650] What you see above are four new character classes on the way for Dungeon... posted Nov 16, 11 1:46pm

Oct 25, 11 9:33pm
added 11 new screenshots
Oct 22, 11 4:46pm
this game is going to be awesome! played the demo, and i'm psyched to get it! DungeonDefenders PC
Oct 22, 11 4:46pm
this game looks awesome! played the demo and it is! excited to own it! DungeonDefenders PC
Oct 20, 11 3:10am
added a cheat

[image1 link=yes width=640] Update: Only the PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade versions of Dungeon Defenders are... posted Aug 23, 11 11:14am

Jun 20, 11 12:38pm
this game looks so sweet! can't wait to play this with some friends! (if it ever gets released) DungeonDefenders PC

Cross-platform gaming is a feature you don't hear all that often about though the extent that Dungeon Defenders... posted Mar 02, 11 10:45pm

Trendy Entertainment won't be able to release the 360, PS3, and PC versions of Dungeon Defenders in November as... posted Nov 08, 10 6:16pm

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