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Duke Nukem Forever Reviews

website score publish date
1UP  --- Jun 14 '11
Computer and Video Games /10 Sep 11 '11
Computer and Video Games 5.9/10 Jun 21 '11
Game Watcher 7.0/10 Jun 13 '11
Games Radar 2.5/5 Jan 12 '15
Games Radar 6/10 Jun 16 '11
Gamespot 3.0/10 Jun 16 '11
Gamespy 2.5/5 Jun 14 '11
GameZone 4.5/10 Jun 28 '11
Gaming Excellence 3.4/10 Jun 21 '11
Worthplaying 5.0/10 Jun 22 '11
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Duke Nukem Forever Previews

website publish date
Destructoid Feb 15 '11
Games Radar Feb 10 '11
Gamespot Feb 09 '11
Gamespy Sep 08 '10
Gamespy Feb 09 '11
IGN PS3 Oct 12 '10
IGN PS3 Feb 09 '11
Worthplaying Feb 09 '11
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Editorial Articles
website publish date notes
Gamespot May 26 '11  
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1UP on Jul 11 '11

"You've met Duke Nukem, or at least people like him. You may run into him when you go back home to the town where you went to high school. While the rest of his cohort has moved on with their lives,..."

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Destructoid on Feb 16 '11

"Last week, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while: I played Duke Nukem Forever.  I’ve been looking forward to Duke Nukem Forever since I was twelve, and for a number..."

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Games Radar on Feb 11 '11

" It’s been nearly fourteen years since news of a proper sequel to Duke Nukem 3D was first announced way back in 1997. Since then, the game’s made its way to development hell and back..."

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Games Radar on Jul 06 '11

" The impossible has happened: After 14 years in development hell, Duke Nukem Forever is a reality. Long synonymous with endless delays and empty promises, this butt of countless internet jokes is..."

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Games Radar on Jan 12 '15

"Duke Nukem is back for one more quip=fest through his best-loved outing, as his 'unique' brand of FPS actioning hits PS3 and PS Vita. Is it any good after almost 20 years? Well..."

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