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After a decade of action through over half-a-dozen adventures filled with violence and weirdness, perhaps Duke Nukem thought it was finally time to settle down. Surrounding himself with the things he loves best, Duke has opened his own casino, filled with poorly-lit bars, seedy characters, and of course, lots and lots of "hot babes." The hero's well-deserved retirement is postponed, however, when a group of ornery aliens invades and starts trashing his new place. Who better to deal with these unwelcome guests than the mighty Duke Nukem himself?

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solidfranz and 11 others own Duke Nukem Forever

Ah, Duke Nukem, that drama queen. Excitement over the announcement of Interceptor... posted Mar 27, 14 5:55pm

3D Realms looks to float adrift as an industry pariah no longer after handing the reins to Duke... posted Mar 03, 14 12:44pm

Christian Neace6 and 4 others played Duke Nukem Forever
Jun 18, 13 3:41pm
added a cheat
nasty nappa
Sep 01, 12 4:33pm
very funny but very short hope they do another DukeNukemForever PS3
Feb 13, 12 4:52am

Developer: 3D Realms/Gearbox Software
Publisher: 2K Games/Take Two Interactive

15 years...

Feb 12, 12 12:29pm
Great nostalgic qualities in DNF. Loved interacting with all the various world items, from toilets to weights and the pool table. DukeNukemForever PC
Feb 11, 12 1:08pm
Fired this up for the 1st time last night, 10mins in my Lenovo W520 was overheating due to fan throttle . Now to d/l it on my desktop :D DukeNukemForever PC

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nasty nappa
Nov 02, 11 9:29am
loved the humor but extremely short game DukeNukemForever PC

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