Driver: San Francisco Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.1/10

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Driver: San Francisco Reviews

website score publish date article quality
GamePro 4/5 Sep 07 '11
IGN PS3 8/10 Jul 26 '11
Computer and Video Games 8.5/10 Aug 26 '11
EuroGamer  --- Aug 26 '11
Games Radar 9/10 Sep 07 '11
GameSpot 8.0/10 Aug 30 '11
GameZone 9.0/10 Sep 09 '11
GameZone 9/10 Sep 08 '11
Gaming Excellence 8.2/10 Sep 20 '11
Strategy Informer 6.0/10 Aug 26 '11
Worthplaying 7.5/10 Sep 11 '11
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Driver: San Francisco Previews

website publish date article rating
EuroGamer Aug 12 '11
GameSpot Apr 28 '11
GameSpot Apr 28 '11
GameZone Jun 14 '10
Kombo PS3 Jun 19 '10
Strategy Informer Apr 28 '11
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Quoted from Driver: San Francisco Reviews:
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"Tanner the best."
"Despite its silly single-player story, Driver: San Francisco offers up plenty of worthwhile arcade-y racing action."
"We’re careening at breakneck speed through downtown San Francisco, and things are getting a bit hairy. At the moment, we’re in the driver’s seat of a ZR1 Corvette, in hot pursuit of a criminal on the loose. Traffic is heavy and pedestrians are everywhere, which makes this high-speed chase pretty complicated. Despite our best efforts to weave through oncoming vehicles at 105 mph, we smash headfirst into a fire truck, sending glass and metal flying across the boulevard. Normally, our hopes would be dashed, and we’d simply hit the “reset” button and give it another go. Instead, though, we shift immediately into a Google Earth-style view of the entire Bay Area, spotting our prey moving on the map. The press of a button zips out of our mangled wreck and into an eighteen wheeler about 250 feet in front of our target. Quickly steering hard right, a massive barrier now blocks most of the street in front of our enemy. In another instant, we teleport out of the rig into a sweet Audi S5 Coupe trailing our baffled combatant, and crash into him a moment after he hits the truck head-on. Bad guy vanquished, mission accomplished... "
"Driver: San Francisco's inspired shift mechanic and wealth of action-packed content make it an absolute blast that revives the franchise. "
"Driver makes a triumphant return as one of the most entertaining driving games to date"