No one does beat 'em ups like Japan, going all the way back to the days of Final Fight and Double Dragon. Dragon's Crown is the latest beat 'em up in a long line of outstanding multiplayer titles. Set in a fantasy world full of magic, orcs and dragons, Dragon's Crown mixes beat 'em up action with loot grinding an online play to make an definitive experience for the genre moving forward.

Players will pick from one of six heroes to begin their journey. These characters will then level up by progressing through the game's story and end-game missions, as well as by acquiring stronger and stronger equipment. Each of the heroes has their own strengths and weaknesses, as well as playstyles. Whether it be casting spells from the back-line or swinging a sword from the front, everyone can find their niche with a different hero in Dragon's Crown.

Dragon's Crown begins in a neutral town where the player can sort through their equipment, purchase various things and interact with assorted NPCs. Then, based on the quest they accept, they venture out into the world via the appropriate door for a given level. While the story is rather simple, progressively pushing players to defeat enemies from various areas, the game is designed in a way to keep players continuing to challenge themselves and always growing stronger.

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