Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 7.4/10

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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Reviews

website score publish date article quality
AceGamez 8/10 Jun 30 '08
Ferrago 60% Jun 30 '08
GameDaily 7/10 Jun 17 '08
Gamer 2.0 6.4/10 Jun 23 '08
GamerNode 7/10 Jul 02 '08
GamerNode 7.0/10 Jul 02 '08
GameSpot 7.5/10 Jun 10 '08
GameZone 8.0/10 Jun 24 '08
Gaming Evolution 7.8/10 Jul 12 '08
HonestGamers.com 7/10 Jul 10 '08
HonestGamers.com 7/10 Jul 09 '08
IGN PS3 7.9/10 Jun 11 '08
PSX Extreme 7.9/10 Jun 30 '08
Thunderbolt 8/10 Jun 25 '08
Worthplaying 7.8/10 Jul 31 '08
1UP B Nov 19 '10
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Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Previews

website publish date article rating
GameDaily Apr 23 '08
GameSpot Nov 05 '10
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Quoted from Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit Reviews:
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"Let's make one thing clear: NBA Jam owes me. NBA Jam owes me big. See, I failed college calculus as a direct result of playing NBA Jam (my professor, Ms. Oka, might instead cite things like laziness and stupidity as the key factors, but we both know the truth). When I should have been in class learning limits and derivatives, you'd instead find me at the bowling alley, huddled around an arcade cabinet with a trio of like-minded slackers -- Jam was always the one game even my non-gaming friends would pay to play. The series was long overdue for a reboot, having ceded some of its arcade-hoops cachet to games like NBA Street and NBA Ballers. So long-time fans like me naturally rejoiced at the announcement that NBA Jam was finally making its return -- then we immediately scratched our heads at the news that it was a Wii exclusive with motion controls and no online component."
"Overall, Burst Limit doesn't quite reach the next level of Dragon Ball Z euphoria that fans might expect, but it still holds up nicely. The fighting action is frantic and exciting, the presentation does its job (for the most part) and the multiple modes will keep your days filled with lots of fireball throwing and opponent-taunting. It doesn't go the Limit, but at least it won't "Burst" beneath your expectations."
"DBZ games took a big step forward with Burst Limit's visuals, animation, and true-to-show presentation style. Unfortunately, the other aspects seem to have taken two steps back."
"If you've managed to steer clear of the popular Dragon Ball Z anime for this long, you can be forgiven for thinking that Burst Limit is a game best ignored. Nevertheless, you'd be wrong."
"We go hands-on with the HD versions of EA's old-school arcade classic. "