Dragon Age: Origins is the highly anticipated dark fantasy Role Playing Game. With stunning visuals, emotionally driven narrative, heart pounding combat, powerful magic abilities and will features a dark and mature story and gameplay.

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For some unknown reason, BioWare has decided to give away a boatload of free DLC for the exquisite Dragon Age:... posted Dec 07, 12 7:58am

An epic. This took the midevil fantasy genre and gave it bioware's personal twist. Excellent. DragonAgeOrigins PC

[image1 link=yes width=650] Quite a lot going on with today's PlayStation Network update. Besides the... posted Nov 01, 11 5:16pm

BioWare hasn't been keeping quiet in the face of Dragon Age II criticism, and the studio's explanations have been... posted Aug 30, 11 3:43pm

Found it hard to get into for some reason. I'm not that fond of the combat. Great story, though not near finished yet. DragonAgeOrigins PC

Those of you who are loyal to the Emperor will want to grab Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team and start laying waste to... posted Aug 02, 11 1:38pm

Favourite game of the moment. Love it and thoroughly recommend! DragonAgeOrigins PC
At Fort Draken, with my final party. DragonAgeOrigins PC
Clearing abominations from the circle of magi as my human noble rogue DragonAgeOrigins PC

If you've not yet gotten in on the excellence that is BioWare's Dragon Age: Origins, October 26 will be a better... posted Sep 30, 10 5:59pm

BioWare's been pretty good about DLC support.  Not everyone can agree it was all worth paying for (Warden's Keep,... posted Sep 07, 10 8:09pm